British Insurance Brokers' Association
Systems Updates

Great news, broker ASSESS has been upgraded, bringing you a host of new features and benefits and delivering a range of improvements around the system.

New design, new features:

We've been busy working on a range of enhancements to your system that improve functionality as well as updating the look and feel . These include:

•  The site has been rebranded to give it a more modern feel.

•  There are over 300 courses, most of them new, which will replace existing learning.

•  There are more than 4,000 questions, most new, and all relating to a specific course, which will replace existing questions. The questions relating to the regulatory modules remain unchanged.

•  We have created 7 new catalogues to house all the courses.

•  All our courses can now be read on mobiles and tablets.

•  New automated programme builder that allows you to build programmes in less than a minute.

•  New diagnostic tool that identifies gaps in knowledge and allocates the relevant course.


You can view a short walkthrough of the changes and what the new broker ASSESS system looks like by clicking here.

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