British Insurance Brokers' Association

As the UK 's leading broker and intermediary organisation, BIBA is uniquely positioned to provide members with briefings and advice on all aspects of the insurance industry. Equally important is the practical, business-building support which BIBA 's whole range of services provides.

Our exclusive schemes and business services alone are worth the cost of membership. The combination of leadership, expertise and business support means that membership of BIBA is one of the most important decisions you'll make this year and also one of the most cost effective.

Subscription rates are for a full calendar year. If you join after 1st January, your subscription is calculated on a monthly pro rata basis. For the purposes of calculating the subscription, the number of staff is the total number of principals and employees involved in general insurance broking activities and in administration of each member firm in the group. Part time principals/staff are counted as one half and the final count is rounded upwards. Non-executive directors and partners are included in the count.

Band No.of Staff Cheque (£) 2016
Band 0 0 £0
Band 1 1-5 £500
Band 2 6-9 £1,000
Band 3 10-24 £1,500
Band 4 25-49 £2,500
Band 5 50-99 £4,000
Band 6 100+ On Application

Members can pay their subscription by BACS, Cheque, credit card, BIBA’s own interest free direct debit facility click here to access direct debit mandate or contact directly one of a number of finance houses available in the market in order to arrange funding for their membership fees.

Further Enquiries
Please contact Kirsty Wingrove
Head of Membership
020 7397 0224
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