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Motor Panel Digest's 19th March 2014
24 April 2014
Committee issues The new Panel members were welcomed. John Close, Andrew Fletcher and Damian Collett have joined. Election of new Chairman A special thank you to Allan Briscoe for his dedicati... Read more
Motor Committee Briefing Paper
04 June 2013
BIBA’s Motor Panel represents and protects the interests of BIBA members and their clients on all motor insurance related matters. The expertise and influence of the panel is recognised not only w... Read more
Motor Panel - Briefing Paper
14 May 2012
Motor Panel Digest - December 2011
01 March 2012
Committee Issues A new deputy chairman George Nicol (from Gallagher Heath) was elected. A thank you was also recorded for all of Paul Inskip’s support and technical help following his retirement... Read more
Electronic Trading Practices group briefing note in E certificate surrender
01 August 2011
Background In April 2011 legislation was passed that allowed Certificates of Motor Insurance[1] to be delivered electronically to policyholders. Prior to the introduction of this legi... Read more
Motor Panel Digest - September 2010
21 October 2010
1. Approved Repairers BIBA are checking with interested parties on the number, and breakdown, of the complaints against Approved Repairers. The are... Read more
BIBA Motor Panel Meeting - 2 June 2010
02 June 2010
LV wording and letter to LV LV’s motor policy wording was questioned regarding a new ‘road tax requirement’ clause. BIBA subsequently wrote a letter to LV querying this clause and requesting ... Read more
Motor Panel Meeting Diget - 2 March 2010
02 March 2010
ABI Liaison meeting 2nd March 2010 The MIB Chairman, the ABI and Aviva attended the ABI meeting which covered all key issues from the Motor Panel meeting and BIBA requested that the ABI review... Read more
BIBA Motor Panel Digest Meeting - December 2009
25 February 2010
1. Manifesto The main 2010 Manifesto points were highlighted and the Motor Panel committee were referred to page 8 of the draft 2010 Manifesto which contained the following main motor points: Motor BI... Read more
BIBA Motor Panel Meeting 1st September 2009 and Software House Liaison
13 November 2009
Review of the Thatcham day (17.06.09) The Motor Panel agreed that it had been educational to take part in Thatcham’s annual conference. BIBA obtains a great deal of information from Thatcham such as the ... Read more
BIBA Motor Panel Digest - 17 June 2009
25 August 2009
BIBA Motor Panel Meeting 17th June 2009 1. Telematics Cov... Read more
Motor Panel Digest - 10/3/09
22 May 2009
1. Telematics BIB... Read more
Digest of Motor Panel meeting - December 2008
03 March 2009
1. Telematics A new telematics product was shortly to be launched involving four insurers, Co-Operative, Allianz, Equity Red Star and Groupama. They are aiming at young drivers who don’t drive late at ... Read more
Digest of Motor Panel meeting and ABI liasion meeting - October 2008
13 January 2009
Comparison Sites BIBA has produced a statement on what it regards as the main comparison site issues (covering guaranteed quotes, the use of facts and not assumptions, explanations of what the policy does... Read more
Digest of BIBA Motor Panel Meeting - 5/6/08
13 August 2008
1. DVLA New Fee Structure for Driver Enquiries The DVLA is currently running a web based pilot service for driving licence enquiries with a view to rolling it out so that brokers and insurers can enquire ... Read more
BIBA Motor Panel Meeting 6th March 2008
02 June 2008
1 DVLA New Fee Structure for Driver Enquiries BIBA’s response to the DVLA consultation on new fee structure for driver enquiries s... Read more
Motor Panel Technical briefing
12 May 2008
BIBA motor panel and ABI motor liaison meeting
05 March 2008
1. Results of HM Treasury on the publication of data associated with the use of gender and the assessment of insurance risks BIBA and the ABI were both pleased that the Government has responded to confi... Read more
Combined Motor Panel & ABI Liaison Digest 28.06.07
06 September 2007
1. Rome I and Rome II Rome I concerns the point of jurisdiction. BIBA has submitted its views to the Department for Constitutional Affairs. Rome II, which concerns cross border ... Read more
BIBA Motor Panel & LMA Liaison Digest 29.03.07
26 June 2007
1. LMA Overview – Objectives and Issues LMA was created in 2001 and is the Trade Association of the Lloyds’ Market and is separate from the Corporation of Lloyds. LMA represents... Read more
The BIBA Motor Panel
11 June 2007
Digest of BIBA Motor Panel Meeting and ABI Motor Liaison Meeting 12.12.06
27 March 2007
1. EU Expansion ... Read more
Digest of BIBA Motor Panel Meeting 03.10.06
29 November 2006
1. Electronic Delivery of Certificates DfT have advised BIBA that progress will made in this issue very shortly. 2. Trailers – DfT Consultation The DfT consultation paper on this issue will be releas... Read more
BIBA Motor Panel Digest - June 2006
06 June 2006
Please click here for BIBA Motor Panel Digest For Further Information please contact Graeme TrudgillManager, Technical ServicesTel: 020 7397 0218Email: Read more
The BIBA Motor Panel Briefing
05 May 2006
Digest Motor Panel Meeting
31 January 2005
Digest Motor Panel Meeting
30 November 2002
Motor Panel Meeting held on Wednesday November 6th 2002 at BIBA House. Allan Briscoe (Aon) was confirmed as the new Deputy Chairman of the BIBA Motor Panel, and Paul Inskip was welcomed as a new ... Read more
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