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Liability and Accident Committee

Liability & Accident Committee Digest - July 2013
27 September 2013
Environmental Liability with IUA Following BIBA’s meeting with IUA they have issued a booklet entitled Environmental Risks: insured or not? The second phase of that looks at certain cases... Read more
Liability & Accident Committee Digest - Feb 2013
27 September 2013
Environmental Liability Liaison with IUA BIBA has started to engage with IUA on updating the original guide that was produced some time ago. IUA are looking to use some case studies around possible... Read more
Liability & Accident Technical Briefing paper
04 June 2013
THREE MAJOR COURT OF APPEAL CASES 1.Chandler v Cape PLC (2012) Where the 3 stage test in Caparo is satisfied (foreseeability, proximity and fairness) then a Parent company will be jointly a... Read more
Liability & Accident Committee - Briefing Paper
14 May 2012
Liability and Accident Digest
20 July 2011
Prior to commencing with the Liability & Accident Committee meeting, representatives from the committee met with the Law Commission in relation to Damages for Late payments. BIBA has agreed to work... Read more
Liability and Accident Digest
09 March 2011
Find and appoint a representation from Scotland to be on the committee. Environmental Directive BIBA sits on the Stakeholders Group which DEFRA runs. BIBA has also been asked to sit on the E... Read more
Digest of Liability and Accident Committee meeting - 22 July 2009
29 October 2009
ABI Meeting – Tracing Code BIBA was invited to join the review board with DWP, looking at performance of the Tracing Code, delivery from ABI, and which has not been very successful particularly in relatio... Read more
Digest of Liability and Accident Committee meeting - 25th March 2009
01 June 2009
Matters arising (a) Personal injury claims and Fast Track limits – article for press and membership – This will be featured in the conference technical bulletin. (c) EL Trigger – up... Read more
Accident and Liability Technical Briefing
11 May 2009
Liability and Accident Committee Digest- June 2008
27 November 2008
Asbestos – DWP Guidelines PF stated that Trigger Litigation trial finished late in July and results should be available in November. It was decided to write an update for the members in the meantime. C... Read more
Liability and Accident Technical briefing
12 May 2008
Liability and Accident Digest
17 October 2007
D I G E S T Liability and Accident Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 25 th September, 2007. Liaison meeting with Office of Fair Trading (OFT) It has been decided to invite representatives from the OFT to... Read more
The BIBA Liability and Accident Committee
11 June 2007
Liability & Accident Committee Digest
19 October 2006
The BIBA Liability and Accident Committee Briefing
05 May 2006
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