British Insurance Brokers' Association

Welcome from Anglia Chairman, Neil Bresler,

The Insurance Industry has faced, and survived, many challenges in its history and the coming year is already shaping up to present many more. At the macro level, a change in regulator as the FSA breaks up, is likely to present a more invasive regime with the move to consumer champion creating extra burdens, both in terms of costs and resources. Brokers also face increased fees from the FSCS as well as further challenges from European influence on regulation. Whilst it’s not always visible to individual companies, to have a voice influencing the decision making at this level is vital to any industry. BIBA provides strong representation at Government and European level, for instance continuing to argue strongly that its members should not be unfairly penalised because the way the FSCS implements the rules means that brokers effectively fund the failures of credit brokers.

At the individual company level, the plethora of regulation generates a need for hands on help and advice. The industry and the regulator rightly require ever greater standards of professionalism with attendant needs for training and staff development. The economic situation presents its own challenges with brokers needing to easily find and access schemes, marketing support and diverse specialist markets. The level of service from insurers can be addressed more effectively when brokers speak with one voice and of course, occasionally, we all need to relax and chew the fat with people facing the same problems. In the Anglia region our aim is to help you with all of these things via seminars, insurer events, courses, social events and an ongoing commitment to listen to your requirements and respond where possible. All of this is much helped by your active involvement and I would urge you to support local events and actively engage your staff in the debates and facilities available.

Any new events will be publicised on the website I am always available to talk through any issues you may have, including arranging further events you think would be of benefit. Our contact details, are 01255871965 

I look forward to meeting you at future events.

Further Enquiries
Please contact Kirsty Wingrove
Head of Membership
020 7397 0224
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