British Insurance Brokers' Association
Frequently Asked Questions


Licenses are granted on an annual basis. The current RRP for BIB A members is £135.00 plus V A T for each licensed member of staff. Non BIBA members will have to pay an extra administration fee per staff.

Corporate discounts apply on a sliding scale please contact Kirsty Wingrove at BIB A for further details.

Who do I need to include on a license?

Staff who should be included in your nominated number are those engaged in the selling and administration of general insurance.

However, we strongly recommend that you consider other formal arrangements for these staff (on subjects such as the Proceeds of Crime A ct Money laundering, Data protection etc) to enable you to demonstrate their competence if they are excluded from the nomination.

How often can you run tests?

As broker A SSESS is purchased on an annual license basis, you can set up and administer as many tests as you wish. We particularly recommend that you use the system to run regular refresher tests, as existing users tell us that this is the approach preferred by individuals

How many staff can use the system at once?

The technology delivering broker A SSESS is able to cope with many users at once. There is no internal limit to the number of users within the system at one time.

What about use outside office hours?

Any registered broker ASSESS user can log on using their own login id and password. They do not need to be at an office computer to use the system and their records will include all interactions with the system, wherever they accessed the system from.

How up-to-date are the materials?

All questions and learning materials are part of the regular quality reviews of the system. New questions and learning materials are added throughout the year.

Automatic record- keeping?

Unlike some systems, broker ASSESS automatic all y records the results of every assessment taken within the system. The system provides you with evidence of your assessment history and the reports have been designed to simplify your monitoring plans. You can even run reports across teams to show organisational levels of expertise, as you build your risk management approach

Any other questions?


Steve takes members through what BIBA has been doing on their behalf during October 2015 | 11 November 2015